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Novick – Gadot – Meirow, Attorneys at law. Our Lawoffice is located in Israel, in Jerusalem

Our firm practices in the civil field of the law. Mainly in tort-damages litigation e.g. bodily injury suits (road accidents, work accidents, slip and fall cases and medical malpractice), property damages (due to fire, flood, theft, accident), professional liability of various vocation (lawyers, accountants, engineers, architects and business owners), representation before medical committees of the National Insurance Institute in work related accidents, general disability, and also representation of members of the armed forces.

We specialize in obtaining the important -often-crucial – evidence required to the court or tribunal in reaching a verdict. This is the summit of the litigator's profession on which he is tested by his clients. An important aspect of this practice is the cross examination, the very core of the trial. We invest our efforts in deriving the important information from the witnesses in order to determine the outcome. As founder of our firm, advocate Arieh Novick emphasized, asking a question is right, not a duty.

We pride ourselves in that our firm represents, for many years, some of the leading insurance companies in Israel, whose claims departments are headed by experienced lawyers. In our field of expertise we represent, privately, the City of Jerusalem, and also have been chosen, after meticulous scrutiny to represent, along with other leading law firms, the State of Israel.

We also represent claimants in our field of expertise, and are strict about avoiding conflict of interests with our permanent clientele.


Arieh Novick

The firm was founded by Arieh Novick, of blessed memory (1932 – 1998) on 1979, after retiring from a veteran partnership with advocate Erwin Shimron of blessed memory. Arieh Novick was one of the leading practioners of the field, known for his knowledge, legal accuracy, strict for detail and an artisan of his profession.

Although not with us for the past 12 years, we all try and walk the paths he paved, in his knowledgeable yet modest way.






Eliezer Gadot

Eliezer Gadot – Born in Jerusalem in 1947 is an alumni (1965) of the Gimnasia Rechavia in Jerusalem. Having finished high-school Eliezer Gadot served in the Israeli Armed Forces until 1968, and at the end of the same year started law studies in the Hebrew University, Graduating in 1972. During his fourth year of studies Eliezer Gadot began a two-year apprenticeship in Shimron-Novick-Levit, one of the prominent law firms at the time and one of the important ones.

Eliezer Gadot worked closely to advocate Erwin Shimron, of blessed memory, one of the greatest lawyers in Israel, both in the criminal and the administrative fields. Eliezer Gadot also worked closely with advocate Arieh Novick of blessed memory, who was one of the foundation layers in the law of tort and damages in Israeli law. After apprenticeship Eliezer Gadot continued to work for the firm. Between 1977-1981 Eliezer Gadot managed his private firm, and on 1981 returned to work together with advocate Arieh Novick of blessed memory, until 1998, when he passed away.

In working together advocates Gadot and Novick have practiced the different aspects of the civil law, mostly in the field of bodily injury and contractual litigation. For many years they have handled hundreds and thousands of claims, dealing in bodily injury, property loss and damages, of large and small sums, under various, sometimes odd circumstances, and have appeared in courts of all rank, intensively and vastly, especially of behalf of insurance companies.

In IDF reserves duty Eliezer Gadot presided as a judge in appellate committees for claims on land in the civil administration for Judea and Samaria, for many years.

On C/A 422/78 Salmon v. Corp according to Road Accident Law, (verdicts 32 (2) 701) said Justice Chaim Cohen on advocate Gadot: "I will say immediately that the appellate was privileged an excellent attorney whose contentions are witty and clear and were nicely edited, and we produced from them both enjoyment and benefit".

Eliezer Gadot heads the firm ever since advocate Arieh Novick passed away. In his work he implements the way bestowed on him by advocates Shimron and Novick of blessed memory: meticulous study of the facts and details in every matter, delving into the legal query at hand, and opting for the most correct and feasible mode of operation, according to the possibilities at hand, all in respect of the applying law.

On C/A 422/78 Salmon v. Corp according to Road Accident Law, (verdicts 32 (2) 701) said Justice Chaim Cohen on advocate Gadot: "I will say immediately that the appellate was privileged an excellent attorney whose contentions are witty and clear and were nicely edited, and we produced from them both enjoyment and benefit".

Orna Novick-Meirow

Orna Novick-Meirow

Orna Novick-Meirow – Born in Jerusalem on 1956, married to Prof. Dror Meirow and mother of four, graduated from The Hebrew University Secondary School, served full term in the IDF, and holds two Bachelor degrees and a Masters degree – BSc and MSc in Biology, under the tutorial of Prof. Rami Rachamimov, owner of Prass Israel for Neurobiology; and of course LLB, a degree in law, licensed to practice law since 1986. Advocate Orna Meirow practices intensively in cases before all courts.



Shachar Novick

Shachar Novick

Shachar Novick, born in Jerusalem on 1971, graduated law cum laude from the Academic Law School of the College of Administration on 1997. Following his apprenticeship in the firm, he has been licensed to practice law since 5/1998. Shachar is a father of five, and a zealous active sportsman, basketball in particular. He was a member of the Lishka – Bar association team, and currently plays for Motza Illit.





Roni Gadot

Roni Gadot

Roni Gadot – Born in 1978, married and mother to a baby. Graduated from Renee Cassin High-school in Jerusalem, enlisted to an officers program in the IDF and served as head of office to a brigade commander. Discharged as a lieutenant. Holds an LLB and also a BA degree in Administration, Diplomacy and Strategy from the Interdisciplinary Center In Herzliya. During her studies Roni worked for 5 years as ground stewardess for El-Al. After apprenticeship in the firm, Roni received her license from the bar on 12/04, and works in the office since.